Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moved to A New Blog.

I have moved to this new blog to keep everyone posted please join me there. Thanks Love Jenny.

Moved to A New Blog.

I have moved to this new blog to keep everyone posted please join me there. Thanks Love Jenny.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Its who I am

Mower Racing is time well spent with family.
It’s the fights that happen between brother and sister on who’s the fastest.
It’s a mom that hates racing but is still there to cheer on her kids.
It’s a dad as proud as can be that his kids somehow inherited his need for speed.

It’s a sport that gives an adrenaline rush all its own.
It’s the feeling of going fast and turning left.
But then it’s the lessons learned when you learn that you can’t just do that.
It’s the hours in the shop building a mower from the ground up.

Its late night calls and chats with some of the greatest to get advice on subjects ranging from boys to mower maintenance.
It’s that ever popular debate on Briggs or Tecumseh which ones better.
It’s those debates on Craftsman, Mtd or Murray and everything in between

It’s the friendships formed in the pits and knowing that you’ll never find a bond greater than this.
It’s helping your competitors knowing that once on the track it doesn’t matter who wins when you come back into the pits you’ll still be friends.
It’s those friendships with so many inside jokes, that make you realize whether you know it or not you have become part of a family.
A family made by choice not force.

It’s the tears of disappointment that fell when I knew I wouldn’t race anymore.
But then it’s the voice of the sports heroes in my ears saying don’t give up you’ll be back on the track in no time.
It’s the bonds that, I have formed in the sport that has turned ordinary men into heroes in my eyes.
Its knowing that mower racing is more than a sport.
It becomes a way of life.
It became my life.
It’s who I am!


Ok I'm sure by now everyone has heard that I'm transfering home at semester. I want to clarify that its my choice and its because I'm not happy up here. Since being here I have been physically hurt twice. The first time I hurt myself was I popped my hip out of place ending up on crutches for a few weeks. Then i ended up with a cut on the back of my arm after a log fell into a windshield. Im transfering to ASU in San Angelo and will also be chaning majors to Physology or Socialology. On a happy note I had an A a B+ and C+ on my grades for midterm.

Friday, October 15, 2010

College Room Rearrangement

So we got bored the other night and decided i room needed to be redone. This never would normally happen but we ended up liking how they turned out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

College is A Fun Time Right!

Well I thought I'd give everyone an update school is going great! I'm not too involved with homework Yet! I got kicked out of my Chemistry Class and moved to a higher one! I'm doing great in Biology! Spanish is trying to kick my but already, but thats ok, I love a challene! And my writing class is going great! I'm making some good friends and having loads of fun!Thats all for know updates will come later!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 20- The last person you made a Pinky Promise to!

As I right this I'm nearly in tears! I realize that the promise I made you I've kept for two years after your gone! I will admit to you that it nearly got broken because of a boy not long ago! But its still in tact and it will be until the day I graduate.

Love you,
Miss you,
Baby Sister